We’re here every step of the process

Our continual investment in our people and technology are the foundation of our services. From space planning and design through day 2 services, our attention to detail throughout the entire furniture process puts our clients at ease. We know what it takes to create environments that help companies achieve their goals and we execute to the highest standard.

Let’s Work Together!

Space Planning & Design

The foundation in which environments are created begins with a fresh perspective and a consultative, collaborative design approach. Our experienced designers combine innovative thinking and strategic workplace research to support our client’s goals. Utilizing our state-of-the-art visualization software, we offer the following to aid the design and planning process:

  • Live Design
  • Photo Realistic Renderings
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • 2D & 3D Drawings
  • Kit-of-Parts Videos & Renderings
  • Fly-Through Videos
  • Product & Reconfiguration Animations
  • Ancillary Finish Documents

Furniture Application & Specification

With expertise and product knowledge, our team develops solutions that meet budget and aesthetic goals. Furniture programming, ancillary layout and selections, budget creation, standards programs are all available to fulfill our client’s vision, schedule, and price point.

Delivery, Installation & Warehousing

Our experienced project managers work closely with our installation partners, architects and contractors, coordinating the efforts of everyone involved to successfully manage the entire delivery and installation process, whether it’s direct to site or phased shipments through warehouses. We use powerful on-site technology tools like PlanGrid to streamline communication and improve reliability and efficiency. From critical path development and site surveys to punch list generation and resolution, we’re there every step of the way.

Furniture Maintenance Services

Our objective is to remain a reliable resource for additional support after each project is complete. To ensure the investment continues to look and perform at its best, we provide warranty care and maintenance services where we coordinate with manufacturers and installers regarding product warranty, replacements and repairs to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Reconfiguration, Relocation & Decommission

We get it, change happens, and it’s a good thing because we’re ready to help with relocations, expansions and future projects! Whether we’re reconfiguring both new and existing product to maximize an investment or providing complete relocation management services, our experienced team of project managers and designers make it happen. We coordinate and oversee the dismantling and removal of used furniture partnering with companies who recycle, donate or resell.

Workplace Consulting & Change Management

We are consultants in the long-term success of our clients. We partner with our manufacturers to offer the following tools to help companies and organizations elevate their workspace around the core of their values – their people.

  • Workplace research and trends
  • Visioning, alignment and employee workshops
  • Change management planning
  • Ergonomics and well-being
  • Sustainability
  • Employee engagement
  • Post-occupancy evaluation