Rebecca Zeman

Sales Associate


Having a life-long passion for architecture and design,Rebecca is constantly inspired by the creativity she encounters working at OR.  She finds collaborating with our partners in the A+D community to create unique, design-driven work environments to be very rewarding, and something she considers herself lucky to be able to do every day.

Prior to joining OR, Rebecca worked with a Knoll dealer in San Francisco, where she resided for over a decade. While she misses having the redwoods and wine country in her backyard, Rebecca am now thrilled to have New England summers and be surrounded by the historical architecture of Boston.

Favorite Knoll Piece:

Bertoia Diamond Chair

If You Could Gain Any One Quality Or Ability, What Would It Be?:

To be easily fluent in multiple languages – I have struggled with this for years!

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Been:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Superpower You’d Want: