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Matt Backman  
Account Manager 

p: 207.775.5344

With over 25 years of furniture experience, Matt closely oversees the daily management of his accounts, working collectively with the team to meet the demands of the client. As an Account Manager, Matt’s extensive experience has allows him to build strong relationships with clients, manufacturers and installers. Prior to Office Resources, he worked in project management and sales within the industry. Matt is a proud father of two healthy boys and volunteers his time with a college wrestling team! 

When I was little I wanted to be: A polar bear
Ideal weekday lunch spot: Moms house for leftovers
Quote or Motto: Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat
Favorite Knoll Piece: Risom Chair
Signature Dance Move: Wall Flower
Preferred Avenue of Social Media: LinkedIn….Not a big fan of social media
What would be Impossible to give up: Fatherhood