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Mackenzie Flannigan

p: 617.896.3223

Mackenzie has been with Office Resources for over two years. As a Designer, she is responsible for assisting with the initial space planning with the client or architect, drafting floor plans, 3D drawings, and installation drawings, using AutoCAD and creating renderings using SketchUp and Visual Impressions. Mackenzie selects fabric and finishes necessary for the project and attends client meetings to ensure all questions and concerns are taken care of prior to installation. Prior to joining Office Resources, Mackenzie worked in the residential, corporate, and hospitality fields.

Mikki loves to travel and try new things as she makes it a point to do at least one thing a month that scares her. She is a ‘Twinger', a twin ginger and her favorite song is Drops of Jupiter.

Favorite Knoll Piece: Washington Skeleton Chair
Signature Dance Move: Hand dance - Flat palms
Preferred Avenue of Social Media: Instagram (I secretly want to be insta-famous)
What would be Impossible to give up: Cheese and Apple Cider
If I could travel anywhere it would be: Thailand
Ideal weekday lunch spot: Food Trucks