Spaces by Holmris

Office Resources is New England’s exclusive dealership for Holmris Products! Holmris is a Danish-based manufacturer of high quality commercial office furniture. Spaces by Holmris is a line of soft seating, room dividers, and acoustical solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Holmris offers customized solutions in close collaboration with customers, architects and designers!


The Igloo concept offers new possibilities in creating clearly defined spaces in large open room environments. Originally designed for a school in Denmark, the Igloo offers a new, exciting learning environment with audio/visual capabilities and a layout designed to promote participation and discussion. Many different layouts, features and technology packages are available to customize the user experience.


Free is a modular soft seating series including sofas, pouffes, tables and screens with options for writable surfaces and power outlets. This product is perfect for informal meetings and breakout spaces within an open environment.



Swing is a modular soft seating series including sofas, benches, pouffes, tables and screens. The three optional heights allow you to create a custom environment for your application. The modular units can be connected to create a meeting, lounge, touch-down workspace, library, etc.

swing 5.jpg
swing 3.jpg

Small Talk

The Small talk is a modular wall system which uses an acoustic material, Ecophon, to optimize privacy and acoustic comfort. This product can be used for phone privacy or an intimate meeting space. Freestanding tables, drop-down surfaces and built in writing shelves can be added depending on the type of application.

Reef Collection

Reef is a furniture collection intended to be playful and inspiring; combine the units in countless ways. Reef encourages various sitting and resting positions. Both the armrest and backrest can be used to rest books, magazines and laptops.


Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is a space-in-space solution that can stand freely or mount onto a wall. Perfect for a touch-down or small meeting area application accommodating lighting, power units and wall-mounted monitors.

Info Wall + Click

Info Wall + Click is a small touchdown station, perfect for checking emails or making a quick phone call. Work these into an open-plan layout to give employees a space to make a call away from their desks.

Info Wall + Wing

Info Wall + Wing is an eye-catching meeting space perfect for collaboration and Audio/Visual presentations. Available in writable white laminate for creative drawings, notes and announcements. Can be ordered without the Info Wall; frequently used as an informal reception station. 

Time Out

The high table is perfect for gatherings and informal or unplanned meetings. The high table sets the frame for a new form of meeting activity and is perfect whenever you need to get out of the workplace context.