Greg Nolan
Vice President, Architectural Walls

p: 339.214.8449

Greg has over 30 years of industry experience. As Vice President of Architectural Walls, Greg’s role is to present demountable glass partition systems, office fronts and dividing floor-to-ceiling walls to colleagues in the A&D community. First and foremost, Greg provides a well designed system that will meet the desired aesthetic and functional intent. Integral to his approach is presenting the same solutions and tools to the general contractor serving the architect's needs and objectives associated with developing the overall construction budget and schedule for the client. In his spare time, Greg enjoys his family and friends, fitness, travel and red wine.

When I was little I wanted to be: A race car driver
If I could travel anywhere it would be: Greek Islands
Ideal weekday lunch spot: ORI café
What would be Impossible to give up: Popcorn
College Mascot/Shoutout: Go Friars!