Office Resources has a strategic partnership with Framery, a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing and developing soundproof private spaces - and the only company in the market solely focused on making them! Framery always puts user experience first to turn efficiency up, and let people bloom, and their clients range from small offices to the world's leading brands.

Framery O

Framery O is designed for making important calls, participating in video conferences and focusing on demanding tasks. The soundproof Framery O tackles the noise issues of the open office, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Ideally, the booths are installed in the middle of the workstations for easy access. Framery O features a wide range of colours and a few options for seating and tables. Automatic air ventilation creates a fresh and comfortable working environment. The product is easy to assemble and relocate when necessary.


Framery O

Framery Q

Framery Q

The Framery Q offers a quick escape to privacy in an open-plan office. Due to the great sound insulation, the meeting pods can be installed right next to workstations. Strategically placed quiet spaces create an open office environment without noise problems, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Framery Q is designed for up to four users and features several variations of furniture for different needs. Automatic air ventilation creates a fresh and comfortable working environment.

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We can assist you with anything and everything Framery. We are fully trained on the product line and have a significant amount of knowledge with regards to finish options, technical aspects and booth installation. We work closely with our regional Framery representative to make sure that our sales staff is as up to date as possible on Framery news, updates and changes so that we are best able to service you! Reach out to us for all your Framery needs! 

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