CDM Smith

Location: 75 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

Overview: CDM Smith is a dynamic engineering firm that decided to move their headquarters to six floors at 75 State Street in Boston after residing in Cambridge for over 20 years. Each office and workstation includes a height adjustable desk and there are numerous breakout areas and huddle rooms. The space is a great departure from their existing space and has already proved to increase productivity and collaboration. The schedule for this project was fast paced. Together the team accomplished this successful project in six short months.

Products: Knoll Dividends workstations and private offices with Knoll Anchor storage, Knoll Reff and Knoll Studio Executive Area and Knoll Generation task chairs throughout the space. Ancillary items include National Conference tables, Leland Cafe seating, Davis, Bernhardt and Harter lounge and Great Openings filing.