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Adam Bacall  
Executive Vice President 

p: 646.731.6952

Adam has over 15 years of contract furniture experience. As Executive Vice President, he is responsible for managing the resources required for the New York City office to be one of the top furniture dealerships in the tri-state area and nationally. Additionally, Adam closely oversees the daily management of his accounts, working collectively with the team to meet the demands of the client. His extensive experience allows him to develop and build relationships within the industry.

Adam is a member of IIDA NY, CoreNet NYC and Executives Association of New York. In his free time, Adam likes watching sports and playing basketball and tennis. On Fridays, Adam and his family spend time cooking for and eating with a group of men who stay at a shelter on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He enjoys the time and his children gain an appreciation for the human experience and condition.

Signature Dance Move: Break Dancing (just a few moves)
Favorite Emoji: Gecko
Quote or Motto: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence” – Calvin Coolidge
When I was little I wanted to be: In Advertising
Ideal weekday lunch spot: Sushi Momoya, Yama Sushi, and for special occasions Sushi Inoue
If I could travel anywhere, it would be: Zurich, Switzerland (where I was born)