Raina Linzalone
Senior Project Manager 

e: rainalinzalone@ori.com
p: 646.731.6946

Raina has over 22 years of contact furniture experience. As a Senior Project Manager and Designer, Raina manages the overall logistics of our projects from order entry until completion to ensure that the specifications and installation meet the client's standards and expectations. She is responsible for assisting with the initial space planning with the client or architect, drafting floor plans, 3D drawings, renderings and installation drawings. Additionally, Raina works with the project team to coordinate ship dates and deliveries to site and regularly attends construction meetings.

Raina grew up in Dartmouth, MA, but now resides in New York with her husband of almost 14 years. She’s a foodie that also enjoys reading, shopping, ping-pong, bowling and a good game of darts.

When I was little I wanted to be: Anchorwoman
If I could travel anywhere it would be: Bora, Bora…AGAIN
Ideal weekday lunch spot: My Desk    
Quote or Motto: Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
What would be Impossible to give up: Sushi
College Mascot/Shoutout: Northeastern Huskies